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Peer-teaching workshop and a crosscurricular English teaching

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A couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Leipzig to take part in a seminar about Peer Education. On the whole there wasn’t a great deal of new stuff presented and some of the concepts were not really within my specific realm of interest i.e. English teaching.

However,  I did meet some teachers from a school in Berlin who use “peer teaching” in science lessons, for example. This concept worked well with older students in physics or other sciences and was similar to how many seminars at university are organized: a couple or group of students present information via posters or Powerpoint and prepare tasks or discussion questions to anchor the information. As interesting as this is, it is less relevant for language teaching in this form but I shall include the website address here as it very much mirrors the thoughts presented in the talk below by Sir Ken Robinson (except in German) but shows how this one school is actually turning some of this rhetoric into reality:


This week I also assisted a year 7 class on a field trip about medieval artisans. As I was the only person with a camera, I documented the trip and prepared a presentation for the class. As their class teacher is also their English teacher, I took the liberty of captioning the presentation in English thus giving their teacher the option to make a bilingual unit out of the follow-up lesson to the school trip.

I haven’t had any feedback yet but I can imagine that this may have been quite effective in arousing their interest as the students were included in the photos and were involved in researching the information which was then presented in English with the photos. They were also sent the digital file and could look at it at any time on the computer.

Author: suevernon

British born, artist, EFL and Art teacher in a bilingual primary and secondary school in Germany. Main interest: increasing motivation in EFL classroom through Storytelling based Art-CLIL.

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