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Me and my geccos

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This was one of those “take a deep breath” moments and quite liked the repetition of the red shoes and the zebra cushion with the gerbera/zebra stripes painting on the wall…but that is not what this post is supposed to be about!

I really love the iconic gecco shape and I have various types adorning my house and patio: made of glass pearls, an old fanta can, on the wall, around the lamp…all over the place. So it should be no surprise that I took this as a motiv for my mini project.
Since going to South Africa and seeing the stuff they make out of old aluminium cans – I think I posted a pic a few months ago but if not I’ll do that – I have been wondering what I could do. Another idea which has been floating around my head is origami: I have the feeling that there is some kind of origami renaissance – I used to do loads of that when I went to primary school but nothing since or maybe I am just picking up on the ideas because I am interested again. Anyway, I have my recycling idea, the soft printed metal of soft-drink cans, my gecco motiv and the origami idea. Now what came out isn’t exactly origami but the 2D material has been transformed ┬áinto a 3D figure. I would really like to work on this theme with sheet metal but unfortunately I have neither the tools nor possibly the know-how…yet.

transcultural gecco love

transcultural gecco

my gecco

my gecco


I really liked the idea of the coke can which incidentally came from France. You have to pay a deposit on a lot of the cans here in Germany so I collect them whereever I can which makes them all the more interesting for me. Part of this recycling business is about incorporating a story into the object. Now, whenever I see this gecco, I will be reminded that I was in France in the Olympic year 2012 and am reminded of all those memories.