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Preparing visual inspiration…

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Folder for idea inspiring pics

Today I have been busy categorizing pictures. After talking and writing about stories and graphic novels and teaching English via Art, I came to the conclusion that a photo or a painting can be considered a very short graphic novel. In fact all photo albums are illustrated diaries: every time we show anyone our photos, it is just to illustrate the narrative we deliver or it prompts an additional anecdote…a picture paints a 1000 words.
I have always used a lot of pictures in lessons as a way of prompting speech and have a box of collected postcards and laminated photos. However, this time I have collected pictures specifically with the Storytelling theme in mind and/or inspiring for Art production. There are fashion photos using fairytale themes, surreal pictures, thought provoking pictures about media.
I was over in England last week and was lucky to be able to sit in on some language lessons as well as Art lessons in a comprehensive school. The Art department in this school is fantastic and I found the visit very inspiring and hope to be able to use some of the ideas for my own work at school. At this point I realize that it would be difficult to introduce CLIL lessons into the English school system as most teachers only teach one subject (or two languages) but rarely a language and art or technology.

example of pictures found for example in the weekend illustrated “Zeit” magazine. I really like the almost 3-D effect of the hand on the folder cover above. It is so interesting the effects which can be created by switching between computer and photos/drawings and look forward to experimenting more in this direction.

Author: suevernon

British born, artist, EFL and Art teacher in a bilingual primary and secondary school in Germany. Main interest: increasing motivation in EFL classroom through Storytelling based Art-CLIL.

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