fruit-tree concept

– motivation in the EFL classroom

About Sue

A native English-speaker living in Germany near Frankfurt for over 30 years.  Whilst bringing up four children, the eldest of which has catapulted her into the next generation. She is an artist and has been teaching English for over 25 years. After teaching in (German) state schools since 2005, she has been thinking about how the two subjects can be combined to increase motivation in the EFL classroom.

In addition to these thoughts, she has added a more practical side to the creativity and has been considering cooking and handcraft. These are important skills which are often neglected. More and more people rely on processed foods and the quick-fix from the shop regarding other goods which just supports the throwaway society. Creativity connects people and the number of upcoming baking and handcraft blogs confirms this. Creative people swap ideas and talk about how they can be improved. Two creative people each come with 70% of an idea and both leave with 2 viable ideas.

On:  and  you can have a look at her work and some of the projects she has done with students (9-16 yrs old) mostly in the context of the Fruit-Tree concept.

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